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Why grow food?

If we are not engaged in the natural world and we don't have the right balance of the elements; earth, fire, water, air and space, we have decreased life force energy. If we are disconnected from the natural world we get fatigued, then sick. It means you do not have enough energy to run your biological system. We are the sickest we have ever been. If we don't take care of the world, it can't feed us and take care of us.

When we live in the real world we have to take responsibility. If we don't manage, take care of ourselves and the natural world we lose the ability to respond, we lose our response-ability. We are all here to grow...... emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.... but if we start living too much in a digital reality we can actually get caught in the belief that what is happening is really happening and lose our rational faculty, our faculty of discernment. We lose our ability to think constructively and holistically. That is happening now!

That is why we need to reconnect with the natural world by growing our own food. It is a way to stay balanced, to take responsibility for ourselves and our health, and to take care of the earth. In these tumultuous times it is of vital importance. We need to have the ability to respond to what is happening in a healthy way.

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