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Form, Texture Color & Light


Exploring form, texture, color and light by creating works of art on a canvas has for me always felt like a limiting form of expression. A canvas is a two dimensional surface and for many years I questioned........what about the other dimensions? Sitting alone in my studio I felt disconnected and isolated. I wanted to go outside......I wanted to grow.

As a nature lover, someone who is inspired by nature, it became a natural step for me to be creative outside, in a garden, in a three-dimensional space, where i could express myself using form, texture, color and light more freely. As a result, the garden became a work of art.

Gardening has always been an important part of human culture. The garden is a place for creating, playing, for nourishment and provides you with a sense of purpose. It is also therapeutic. It is organic, so it is constantly growing and changing. It is a microcosm of the cycles of living and rebirth, and it allows you to be in harmony with, the rythms of nature.

                    "Art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart 

                         of man go together"

                                                                                   John Ruskin

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